GRUPO TREND consists in a collection of well-reputed corporations which provide services and solutions in relation to travel business and Brazilian tourism. TREND OPERADORA combines 25 years of experience regarding this industry and it counts on six companies that comprehend different areas of this branch: SHOP HOTEL, TCWORLD, TREND TRAVEL USA, TREND TECH and VHC (Vacation Homes Collection).



With 25 years of activities and part of CVC Corp, GRUPO TREND counts on the most cutting edge tools of the market in its portfolio, exclusively created for travel agents and partners. Its consolidation and credibility result in the guarantee of convenience for clients, suppliers and employees by technological travel solutions. Excellence in service, efficiency and innovation process, employee valuing and focus on results are key points of GRUPO TREND’s DNA. Everything to provide the best traveling experience.


We provide the best traveling experience in every moment of people’s lives.


Customer: we are passionate about serving.Commitment to costumer: we deal with customers’ problems as if they were ours, deeply understanding their needs to meet or forward them.

Charming: we can charm our customers by attitudes and solutions.

People: we value people and encourage constructive relationships between them.

Relationship: we invest and establish reliable relationships with respect and cordiality.

Team work: we promote a collaborative environment and focus on team results besides individual results.

Result: we are crazy for successful sales. Those who don’t work in sales, work for sales.

Focus on result: we prioritize and execute activities in an efficient and effective way to achieve the best results for the company.

Ownership attitude: we show passion for the company and have ownership attitude when acting and making decisions, with urgency and austerity sense.

Commitment: we work hard, with high level of energy and totally focused on sales.

Transparency: we keep an open, friendly and direct communication.

Diversity of opinion: we respect and promote the diversity of opinion, with active and humble listening.

Transparency and objectivity: we communicate in a transparent, direct and straight way, limited to clear facts.

Meritocracy: we value those who deliver results in our way of doing business.

Impartiality: we value people based on performance and behavior, regardless of personal affinity, service time, job position, area or any other preferences.

Innovation: we are a spirited, agile and innovative team, in order to be always ahead.

New solutions with energy: energetically, we look for bringing novelties to keep the company always ahead.

Open mind: we are willing to try new ways of doing business with the aim of improving our service delivery.


Grupo TREND Structure

The brand brings out the original elements that build the logo of TREND, like typography and flag. The font has a new design, associating its colors to the main national symbol of the USA: the flag.

With its own headquarter in Orlando, Florida, TREND TAVEL USA counts on a specialized team that is responsible for hiring the best travel products and services, providing competitive taxes and customer satisfaction, sealing the best commercial deals of the United States. Everything to offer an even more complete portfolio with great conditions to partners and professionals of tourism industry.


TREND Operadora has consolidated its brand all over the world throughout the years, especially focusing on the United States, celebrating exclusive contracts with hotels and increasing the number of products and services in relation to the destination, which is the absolute sales leader at the company.




Contact Info

  • 2295 S Hiawassee Road, Suite 201/202
    FL 32835 - Orlando, FL
  • +1 (321) 754 1690